My Experience In Middle School

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During elementary school the other kids were pretty much the same height. It was like everyone was the same and most people didn’t stand out. We all hated our vegetables and all wanted to be “big and strong.” Sadly, I didn’t grow as tall as I wanted to. Middle school came around quickly and it was the awkward stage of growing. By then most people in the 7th grade were at least 5’3, but I was still 4’11. My dad told me that his brother was 4’11 too then he had a huge growth spurt, now he is 6’4. After he told me that I had hope that I would grow too. “Of course I’ll grow taller,” I told myself seeing that my dad was 6’1. The second week of Middle School we started to dress out for P.E. For the first two weeks of P.E. we were playing football and learning how to throw. “I don’t have to throw the ball very high Short Stack,” Blake chuckled. I laughed at the joke and played along for awhile. After school I thought to myself “Am I really a short kid?” Attempting to make myself feel better I thought about how other short kids in my grade were. I sped home so I can get something to eat because, …show more content…
When I opened the door I saw people with different skill levels and of course heights. I finally could play with people who were as tall as I was. My age group consisted of people 6th-9th grade. Grant, Blake and John were in the same age group. We started once the coach showed up. He instructed that we had to shoot 100 3 pointers, 50 free throws and have the score recorded. I had 48/100 3 pointers and 35/50 free throws. After that we did 3 on 3, which ever team made the basket would stay in until they lost the rebound or point. When tryouts were over, we were told that next week we would find out which team that we’re going to put on. The next day was a Thursday and I was anxious to find out what team I was going to be on. I started to do countdowns, “Okay, I have 6 days 14 hours and 37 minutes until I find

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