My Experience In Communication Class

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Throughout my first semester at Virginia Tech I have learned a lot. As an incoming freshman, I was inexperienced in college level courses and writing. At the begging of the semester in communications class I wrote a goals memorandum, looking back at this I can tell how much I have improved and grown in writing because I have accomplished some of those goals. Through my best three assignments, introduction letter, speaker analysis, and Common Book Essay, I show growth towards my goals of preventing run on sentences, and staying on topic. The speaker analysis was one of the more interesting assignments we had to do. We had to attend a speaker of our choosing and then analyze his speech. I attended a speech about how religion is supposed to form society. The speaker was very interesting and he seemed to talk sporadically and he went off on tangents about nature instead of religions. He would …show more content…
We had to write about a value that we found important in our life and how we lived that value out in the real world one time just as how Eric Gretins did in the book. I wrote about the value of leadership and told a story about how I worked at the pool as a manager and had to deal with obnoxious patrons. Whilst writing this assignment I made sure to have the two communication books out to help and proof read it for my common mistakes such as staying on topic. This seemed to help because I received a half letter grade better than my previous best grade. I had learned from previous papers how to prepare and set up my essay. This helped me grow towards my goal of staying on topic and not having run-on sentences because I did both. I also learned a good writing process from it. I learned to write out an outline to collect my thoughts because it helps keep you on topic. I did however still make mistakes and had not improved fully on my goals. The best assignment that I completed was the introduction

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