Personal Narrative: How My Trip That Changed My Life

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Long flights, even longer layovers, new smells, and new faces. If you’ve ever traveled a great distance away you’ve most likely experience these emotions before. The summer before 7th grade was when I finally ventured outside of Kansas. Growing up New York City always seemed like a fantasy, something you only see on romance or action movies. By going further away than what I might’ve been necessarily comfortable with, meeting and associating myself with people from different cultures, and experiencing things I never thought I would before were all reason why this trip would change my life forever. I was born in Wichita, Kansas and then when I was about four years old I moved to Newton, Kansas which is about 25 miles north. My whole life has been here in Kansas and until I turned 12 I hadn’t even gone out of state for vacation. In the spring of 2010 my grandmother had received a job offer from a construction company in New …show more content…
Things such as going to the 9/11 memorial, eating at the well known restaurant called Serendipity, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, strolling through central park, and my personal favorite; going to the top of the Empire State Building. The company my grandmother works for has their own floor in the Empire State Building so whenever we go there we get to go up to the very top for free and with a fast pass. Seeing New York City at that height is truly a life changing experience that you will never forget. People look like ants and cars look the Hot Wheel toys. Along with going to these amazing places I ate at some spectacular restaurants. Still to this day my favorite restaurant in NYC is called Spice. They serve the best Thai food you’ll ever have. Another place we tried was called Lambardi’s and this is the first ever pizzeria ever established. My grandmother told us from the beginning that we could go do whatever we want and that’s what we

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