My Experience During Visiting The Denver Islamic Society Essay example

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I felt it important to focus on several key areas in analyzing my experience in visiting the Denver Islamic Society, as my encounter was so rich and informative. The observance of sacred space, the tremendous importance of prayer, as well as emphasis toward charity, kindness to others, male and female gender roles, exquisite artwork, and the Islamic non-evangelistic position were some of the points that made an indelible impact on me. By viewing Islam through an open lens I was able to attain a much larger understanding and appreciation of this beautiful faith. In my experience, I expressed the use of separate entrances to access the areas of worship for Muslim men and women, which are unequivocally held as sacred spaces for the Islamic faith, as further confirmed in the removal of shoes before entering. Furthermore, the Arabic arch in which the Imam, “worship leader and religious guide,” stood to deliver his message was significant to me as sacred, as only he stood in this space, serving as a guiding voice between Allah and the believer. When touring the mosque, I was allowed to peer into the men’s sanctuary where the design of the carpet, containing intricate patterns of pillars which encompassed definitive rectangular areas, was used in place of individual mats and designated the space in which each person should sit. Correspondingly, the direction to which all inhabitants of the mosque faced was notable, as they were in line with the holy city of Mecca, one of…

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