My Experience At This Spring Semester Essay

914 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
At this spring semester, there is one of the most essential classes that I have taken at ASU which called ENG 194, Academic Writing in English taught by Professor Zhao. As I said, I am taking WAC at the same time, Introduction to Academic Writing, which is also a class about writing. However, compared with WAC, this ENG class concentrates more on practices, experiences gaining knowledge instead of grammar, vocabulary, and other writing techniques. Even though there is exclusively one class on each Wednesday I learned a portion of useful knowledge and skills on pragmatic writing through this semester, such as sending emails, interviewing as well as presentations, job applications and so on. As for the first project about sending emails, in my opinion, that’s the most helpful writing skills because of its intimate connection to our life experiences all the time. At the beginning of this semester, I would rather walk in the office than sending an email due to spending a long time on organizing sentences with an appropriate expression. Originally, emails are supposed to create conveniences, however, because of unfamiliar with English things may backfire, just like the counterexample email showed on the video. Timely knowledges about emails at the first class bring a lot conveniences, as well avoiding normal mistakes, including improper greeting, wordy expression and incorrect format. I also think it’s of great importance to learn about that how to set brief but clear…

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