My Experience At The Volunteer Service Essay

763 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
1. When reflecting upon my extern assignments I have two experiences that stand out. I started my first week with the volunteer service and I performed duties that relate to volunteer workers such as background checks and entering in the service hours. I was also able to do some work in employee health services, which pertain to making sure the employees are up to date on their flu shots, and other things such as fit testing. I was then placed in environmental services, and this is where I was able to view the daily operations that are involved in keeping the hospital environment safe and healthy, as well as learn the policies and codes that are involved in this department. After a few weeks I returned to volunteer services working at another location and started working on a project designed to help volunteers in their extern experience, as well the day to day duties that have to be kept up. The day to day involves making sure the volunteers are processed and placed in an appropriate department.
2. This experience has given me the variety that I enjoy and helped me connect my school experience with the work experience. The environmental service gave me insight into operations of health administration, while the volunteer service was comparable to my minor in human resources.
3. The work experience added to my personal development by viewing how the managers do their job and relate to the people within the departments. The volunteer representative does a great job and…

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