Essay My Experience At The University Of Phoenix Website

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In my time at the University I have taken Gen 201 before, but I did not learn what I did the second time around. By actually taking the time to understand the assignments that were given to me, I learned more about what is expected of me as a student and also what I need to do to reach the goals I had set for myself. Even though I am retaking this class to get a better grade so I can continue taking classes, I have learned a lot and appreciate what this class had to offer. Setting goals, knowing your learning style, and using helpful resources that can be found on the University of Phoenix website can help you better prepare for your success in not only your education but your future career as well.

From the beginning of my education I have always set goals such as: graduate high school, go to college, and graduate college. That’s all i thought my goals were but Gen. 201 has taught me that it is more than just long term goals. My most recent educational goal is passing this class with an A and up, because if I don’t I would not be able to continue taking classes. If I do not reach this goal, it could mess up many long term goals I have set. This is a good example of why goals should be set and met. In order to get where you want to go you have to do what you need to in order to get there. Even though I am still trying to finish my education I have set early career goals that will also help me finish school and advance in my career. I believe that most people might focus on…

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