My Experience At The University Of Florida Essay

785 Words Jul 16th, 2015 4 Pages
There seems to be a sense of pride when I would see a gator and "Florida" plastered across a hat. Needless to say that, as a young Floridian, I was drawn to the Gator spirit. I did not know anyone who attended the college and so my admiration was loosely based on vague opinions, blurred pride. So I started to dig a little deeper, not the traditional ways, nevertheless, I took advantages of every last social medium and articles to learn more about the school. I perused over online catalogs and stacked papers at the local college fairs. Of course, I wanted to visit, but I could not due to transportation setbacks. As a Track runner, I had an opportunity to attend the state track meet and visit the University of Florida campus on the way. I ceased the opportunity to marvel at the school 's Century Tower , which proudly paid homage to America 's greatest generation. I had the privilege to watch graduating students on that scorching May day. As the pathways lit with students in black caps and gowns, I envisioned the unexplored possibilities that the school offered in such a diverse setting. You could imagine my anticipation and jubilation as I read the orange, bold-faced letter that read ,"Congratulations, you are a Gator," last February. The University of Florida does not only provide a college experience where I can immerse myself in its excellent medical program, but it welcomes student initiatives in research programs. The university also provides valuable connections and…

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