Essay on My Experience At The United States Seven Years Ago

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On a direct flight, with no one by my side but my little brother I was leaving everything I knew behind. Excitement and terror, those are the emotions I can use to describe my move to the United States seven years ago. I grew up in Ghana a country with over 10 different ethnic groups. Two towns adjacent to each other could have different languages and completely different cultures. I grew up learning to appreciate other cultures and never really realized there was more to experience until I moved to the U.S.
Studying abroad is my way of experiencing different cultures and broadening my understanding of the world. My grandmother speaks a bit of French because majority of her family lived in a neighboring country to Ghana that spoke French, I learned a bit from her as a child and took to the language. I studied the language through high school but could only pick up the reading and writing portion of it. . After taking multiple course in French as part of my college career I still couldn’t retain the skill to speak and listen to the language even though my reading and writing got better. I realized I learned things best hands on, and after I understand why they are the way they are. Being fascinated with the language also made me fascinated with the culture. Understanding my learning style, it made sense that the best way to pick up the oral part of the language and really appreciate it is to experience it.
My goal to have at least an intermediate fluency in French by the…

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