Essay about My Experience At The Tour And Information Session

1988 Words Mar 29th, 2016 null Page
The walking to the tour and information session proved to me that I am now in control of my life. I’m making my own decisions. I am progressing. For years of my life I felt that I wasn’t moving in a positive direction. I was constantly battling life, fighting to finish the day on a positive note. I was trying my best but I just could not overcome the daily struggle. I was always told in school that I should be doing better than I was and all that I needed to do was try harder. It is difficult to explain the feeling of want without the ability to do. I knew that there was something more than just my inability to complete homework on time or study sufficiently for a test. I had countless meetings with teachers, advisors, and administration and each meeting was fruitless. I would leave the meeting feeling more discouraged with thoughts of inability and failure than when I walked in. I met with my doctor, who has now become a best friend. It was just as difficult for him to understand my issues as it was for me. In my final year as a high school student, my two doctors they came to the conclusion that I had Bi-Polar disorder. I remember when I was younger using the term bi-polar casually, to explain peoples fluctuations in emotions. Once I had been diagnosed, I never once thought of it as a negative nor did I find it to be an explanation for my shortcomings in high school. Knowing what was wrong allowed me to research, something that I love to do. I was able to…

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