Personal Narrative: My Rise By Trip Lee

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I remember a night when I decided to head into the TCU Recreation Center to get an extra workout in. I had so much pent up energy that I just had to get it out. So, up the stairs and to the stationary bike I went. These weren 't just any ordinary bikes though. These were the bikes that make the ride virtual- you could choose courses in the desert, through the mountains, or even short sprinting races if that suited your mood better. The resistance and incline increased and decreased based on the maps design- all you had do was keep peddling.

22 miles later, I finished my race.

I remember getting off the bike just dripping sweat all over the place. I had chosen the mountain course from the expert level options. Why? That 's a great question.
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As silly as it may sound, even a decision as small as this one was put on my heart to be brought before my Heavenly Father. I dug through all kinds of music I 've never heard of, hoping and praying that I would find the right song. It would just click for me, you know? Typically, I 'd have this song chosen by mid-fall, maybe Thanksgiving at the latest, but it 's mid January and I still didn 't have a clue.

I had just finished reading "Rise" by Trip Lee, and I loved it. So, I decided to dig into Trip Lee 's older stuff. Almost immediately, my hair stood on end- I had found my walk-out.

What I realized in that moment was that I hadn 't been praying to find my walk-out song...I had unknowingly been praying for my heart. I had unknowingly been praying that God would give me peace about my focus for this spring. He did.

Last year, I chose "Lazarus" because of how well the lyrics reflected what God had done in my time at
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— "Lazarus" by Trip Lee
The story of Lazarus is found in John 11. The Word says Jesus loved Lazarus. The Word also said Lazarus died of an illness...until Jesus had something to say about it. Jesus came, 4 days later, He wept because of the weight of what had happened and how it affected so many around Him, and He simply spoke..."Lazarus, come out." Lazarus came out, wrapped in cloths and all. Lazarus was alive; Jesus woke him up.

And last year, what I wanted people to know every single time I took that ball was that Jesus woke me up to; it 's because of His love that I have life.

No longer do I question why God called me to TCU. No longer do I wonder why I walked through years of waiting. No longer do I care about accolades, records, fame, or personal gain. And no longer do I push those peddles late at night in the TCU Recreation

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