A Narrative Essay On A Day At The Gym

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August 29, 2015, I stepped on the Old Dominion University campus for a first time and was overwhelmed. I am here in college. Even though I knew I would study hours in my dorm, friends ' dorms or even the library, my mind was set for the gym. I knew the gym would be where I spent my free time. My parents left that night and I rode my skateboard around the campus only to realize my building was far away from everything. After riding for about 10 minutes, I realized I was lost and decided to turn around. I rode backdown a path that placed me by the quads.
From a distance; the gym was perfect. The lights were on so I rode to the door with a sign that reads: open until midnight. I walk inside and was astonished by the facility. There were machines
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This time with a smirk on his face. I was grateful the cop let me go. I could have got a charged for trespassing without experience college life. The rest of the week I went to the gym around the same time after ROTC and just shot the ball around. Every time I stepped on the court, I admired the shiny floors and the fact there are six basketball hoops and three courts. There was nothing too serious these days, not that many people playing. I have to shoot on every hoop for the different feels of the rims, using it as a way to get my mind off of being nervous about the college life. I did that every day until Saturday: the game changer. That morning of walking into the gym around 10am there were so many people in the gym. On the left side, it felt as if every machine was being used and I realized for the first time there was a second floor of machines also being put to use. On the right, I could see at the juice bar a bunch of sweaty people ordering drinks with protein for the after workout. Behind the desk there were people getting taught how to use the mountain climb equipment and people climbing. I get to the gate still confused about how to get in and someone working there tells me,“you have to register first”. pointing towards the …show more content…
Kept messing up being eager to play basketball. After messing up a couple times, getting it right, I step passed the through the gate with relief on my face and looking back at the lady smiling for helping me. Walking toward the court seeing the more rooms with other events happening in them. Getting up to the entrance of the gym where realizing all the courts were filled, looking the shot clock which told the time, the upstairs track, the seriousness of the people playing in the game and people off to the side.
I step on the floor and comes down 6’1 male at a fast pace on the court slam it down on the first basketball court. I smile looking at people getting excited when someone dunks the ball. I locate a place where I could place my stuff down and put my shoes on and step on the court waiting for a rebound. I get a ball to dribble it and for a way to stretch. Finish my little warm up shoot the ball from a distance where catch some people 's eyes. Splashing it from far behind the arc, while people looking over at me as it was luck and the next 4 I do the same exact thing. Somebody comes over and ask me,
“Do you want to be on my

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