My Experience At The Multitasking Essay

1354 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 6 Pages
If someone were to witness a week in my life, they might be shocked at the multitasking that I do. Juggling good grades, work, family life, social life, extracurricular activities, and still having time for some downtime, I am able to go through my adolescent life relatively smoothly. They may think that having so much to do is one of my values, thinking that I never want to be bored, which I do not. If they watch throughout the day, my attitude changes, from serious to funny to a fake smile at work when I do not like the person that I am serving; the person may think it is a value of mine to make people see what I want them to see, not what I truly feel, making me superficial; lastly, they may observe that I value routine, getting up at the same time, going to school at the same time, getting to class at the same time, and so on. Though it may be different from my temperament, routines, I did retain one thing from my difficult temperament- I do not like sudden change; nevertheless, I do like to mix it up sometimes, such as go somewhere other than the usual hangouts with my friends or hanging out alone and just do nothing for a little bit. My behavior might change a little bit by the time I reach the age of sixty, such as I will not have to juggle so many things and will have more time for downtime, but still would not like to be bored, sitting at home or in a nursing home in front of a television, wasting my life away. I would still have the value that I do not like to be…

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