My Experience At The Military Essays

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I have not had many job experiences outside of the military. For me, the U.S. Navy is my first job. I joined the Navy straight out of high school, and I can truly say the last year and a half since I’ve been in I have learned so many life lessons. Through these life lessons I have learned a lot about myself and how strong I can be in difficult situations and circumstances. I never thought in a million years I would be in the military but it has showed me that everything happens for a reason.

Throughout my childhood I always felt like I had good work ethic. From the time I started school, I was always encouraged to go to college because of my drive and ambition. Education has always been a big priority in my life, as they say “knowledge is power”. As an adolescent I always enjoyed school, I was the teacher’s pet throughout elementary school and I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. As everyone knows life throws curve balls, and once I found out the average salary a teacher gets paid I no longer wanted to be one.

By the beginning of sophomore year in high school, I had my mind set on what college I wanted to attend, which was, UNC Wilmington. The reason I strongly wanted to go to this college was because it was near the beach and in my home state, North Carolina. I felt that because the beach brings me much peace, I would have a peaceful time while also enjoying my studies, and I would be close to my family. I later also learned it was a great place to party (like most…

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