Essay on My Experience At The Lakeland Public Library

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When I arrived to the Lakeland Public Library, I was quickly whisked away into a small room and handed a schedule. The schedule was because I would be rotating through each different department of the library over the course of the day. I gathered my things, and began my day at Reference Services.

Reference Services was a quiet job, consisting of answering peoples’ questions and overseeing the computer section. My time at each rotation was about an hour, and near the end of my shift at Reference Services, boredom began to set in. To break the silence, I used my interview questions on my mentor. To start off, I asked my mentor, a kind, middle-aged Indian women by the name of Georgia,“What interests you in this career?” Her response was atypical of what I expected, “Oh, actually I fell into this job! I never intended to work at a library, it was the only open position when I needed a job a few years ago though, and I took it and have been here ever since.” Her enthusiasm in her response seemed like she was trying a little too hard, and perhaps her position at the library wasn’t exactly her dream job.

Halfway through the rest of my questions, the woman who initially gave me my schedule appeared in sight and walked me to my next rotation. I arrived at Youth Services, and an overly-excited woman exclaimed, “Today’s storytime! Come and watch while we entertain the toddlers!” A little confused, I followed her through a large hallway and started to hear loud screams as we…

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