My Experience At The Hotel Essay

1324 Words Aug 23rd, 2015 null Page
Introduction The first impression is always the last. Checking in a hotel must be a memorable moment a moment the guest should always remember. It’s the entrance well all take places so it must be hospitable and the area must be clean and appealing to guest that arrive to the hotel. The guest must have accessibility to all the hotel offer from tour guides, tickets to attractions, onsite technology, and nearby fine dining the guest must feel welcomed the time they walk in to the hotel. Let’s check in to the world of hotels.

Front Desk Welcome, greetings, how may I help you are a few words that most front desk clerks must use, but this day and time the front desk must greet to impress. Whatever it takes to keep the customer happy is the goal of each front desk, all needs must be met of the guest and offers must be displayed for the hotel to be successful. Popular hotels can live off a name, but must display exceptional customer service because of the name. Hilton being one hotel that has to live up standards so they must hire the best to be the best to keep guest coming back. Over the years technology have change how the front desk operates. Before you may go to a front desk and pay with cash or with a card and you will receive a key to your room, where now you don’t have to use cash nor receive a room key sometimes you can bypass the front desk, because you can purchase a room online and pay online receive a confirmation, when arriving show the confirmation…

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