My Experience At The Hospital For A Dislocated Wrist Essay

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Growing up in Nigeria, my experiences with healthcare had not been positive to say the least. Citizens were dying of mundane ailments either due to they had no money for treatment or the medical facility lacked the equipment and resources for treatment. I remain fortunate enough to be raised in a family that could afford healthcare when necessary and to not develop sickness beyond “common” malaria. However, the same cannot be spoken for the majority of people that visit the hospital every day only to be denied treatment on the grounds of their inability to pay. I remember a time I visited the hospital for a dislocated wrist. A young man around 17-19 years old staggered in crying about chest pains. It was an obvious emergency and yet the nurses at the front desk were more concerned about money and therefore they attended to those who had already paid. Highest payer earns the right to medical attention first, regardless of the severity of the case. That was their motto. As such, the young man remained ignored until he went into cardiac arrest and no one responded to the situation. My uncle who accompanied me to the hospital shared the same sentimentalities as I did and he offered to cover the medical expenses for the boy and paid extra for the boy to be attended to immediately. The boy was saved and expressed immense gratitude towards my uncle. Numerous encounters alike have fueled my desire to become a physician in order to help my people that have been abandoned and…

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