Essay My Experience At The First School

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During my field experience at the first school I observed, I noticed that the parents are always in the classroom working collaboratively with the teachers. They were so involved that whenever there is a holiday event, they are the ones to decorate and prepare the venue for the event. The families are highly involved and the school created an atmosphere for them to feel welcome. I had the opportunity to observed a Thanksgiving event that took place for the families, and I must admit that the parents all looked happy and appreciative of what the school did for them. Additionally, the families that the school served are predominantly Hispanic with the majority of the families speak Spanish only. To help these families learn the English language, the school conducted an ESL class at least three times per week. When I spoke to some of the families (using a translator) about their thoughts on what the school is doing for the in terms of providing helpful programs and conducting ESL classes to assist them in learning the English language, the most common reply was that “the school has been a tremendous help to them and they are grateful for the support.”
The second school I observed was completely different in terms of parental involvement. At this school, there were not many programs available to parents; however, they do plan events occasionally. When I visited an event at this school, I realized that not many parents were there, and the reason why they were not there was…

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