My Experience At The City Of Brooklyn Park Essay example

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eaching and learning has always been one of my passions. They go hand in hand and one will always happen alongside with the other. My teaching career has taken many forms and brought me many life experiences. I am constantly evaluating my teaching and life to see how I can bring more efficient, meaningful and technological aspects into my environment and my classrooms.
I started teaching swimming lessons for the City of Brooklyn Park when I was fifteen. I taught as an aid and added certifications to become the pool supervisor. I picked up some of my classroom management skills and saw first hand how allowing a child to safely fail can positively impact their learning.
To pay some of the way for college, I worked as a Residential Advisor for two years and helped with the transition to college life for the students on my floor as well as facilitated and planned building activities for three hundred plus residents on campus. It opened my eyes to the different ways people viewed the world and helped me to view things from someone else’s shoes.
While working as an RA I took up a second job with the Computer Store on campus. I started with training and scheduling but found that I enjoyed working with the computer software for their accounts payable and assisting with some of the easier computer repairs in the back of the house. I picked up my love for technology here, I enjoyed helping students and staff learn to use the products to make their life easier.
During the summers, I…

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