My Experience At The Bus Stop Essay

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Those who stood anticipated for the next vacant seat. They would eye the seat so intently while they balanced on the balls of their feet, ready to spring for an opening. It was like the chair was the prey and those who stood were the predators. They were hungry for a seat, hungry to travel home comfortably after a long day of school. Everyone wanted a seat. Courtesy for the elderly and disabled were non-existent at this moment.
Since I had to transit three hours a day to and from school, I have become more observant. Observing was my only source of entertainment when transiting, besides of course, guessing what is the next bus stop. I observed all kinds of people. There were the alcoholics who got drunk in midday to couples who do not have any shame in their public display of affection. Indeed, there was a large variety of people.
The bus began to slow down, indicating the arrival of its next stop. The woman who sat in front of me got up. I could see at least five people eyeing the newly vacant seat. It was obvious who was going to get to the seat. Those who yearned to rest their legs frowned with jealousy as they were not fortunate to stand close enough to it.
Before the person who was standing closest to the vacant seat could take the seat for himself, he called out to the previous owner. With sudden interest, I watched as he reached down towards the seat. In his hands was a woman’s phone, the woman’s phone. He quickly handed it to her before she could get off the bus and…

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