Essay on My Experience At Sussex County Community College

760 Words Jul 29th, 2015 4 Pages
While at Sussex County Community College I have been pleasantly blessed with some great experience inside and out of the class with some outstanding professors and some really great students that would move on to become great friends. I was never in a rush to go home after class was dismissed because I always enjoyed conversing with fellow classmates about the today’s class or just about anything go on around the world from sports to politics. When I first arrived here at SCCC in the fall of 2013 I was very unsure how this entire college experience was going to go, I felt like I was walking into the a completely unknown place. Coming from 6 years in the Marine Corps after high school, I pretty much had no idea what it was like to be in a college classroom setting.
The first class I took at SCCC was Foundations for Veterans Success an outstanding class they truly helped me transition from the battlefield to the classroom. This class was great because it was set up for the fellow veterans in to build relation ships with one another outside the classroom. In this class we did a number of fundraisers and volunteer functions with my fellow student that I really enjoyed not only helping other needy veterans but also building relationships with other students. Me and some of the guys from class took a trip down to a tent city in Lakewood, NJ, of route 9, a rather large wooded area where many homeless people live, including veterans and gave them backpacks filled…

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