My Experience At State Farm Essays

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Most people don’t know why there in college, however, I know why I am in college. I graduate in a year, and since day one of college I’ve been dreaming about walking across the stage being proud of myself. I’m in college because I don’t want to struggle in the near future. I see myself working at State Farm in the near future, as I’ve always said. However, nothing comes easy, or go as planned. I will tell you this though; I’m not going to stop pushing myself until I reach where I want to be. Every obstacle is meant to be jumped/leaped over, and I’m ready for the race. To begin with, I am in college because I don’t want to struggle or limit myself in the future (job wise). I grew up in a loving family household, and my parents didn’t have a college degree. Heck, my dad didn’t even have a high school diploma. My mom was working as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service in Chicago, IL (currently still working, but as a supervisor now), and my dad was working for Quality Service Trucking Co. in LaGrange, IL (currently a contractor driver). I remember the days when my mom missed holidays, and birthdays due to work, and not seeing my dad for days at a time because he was an over the road driver (drove all around the country). I remember every Christmas we got up at 3AM to open our gifts, not knowing the reason why at the time (I thought my parents were just as excited as we were about Christmas). When I was about eleven years old, I notice that we were waking up so…

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