My Experience At St. Vincent 's Hospital Essay

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I stayed up half of the night researching the surgery I was having, which only made me more anxious. I concluded that tympanoplasty was the perfect intimidating name for such an intimidating procedure. Essentially, the ear is cut halfway off of the body in order to access the inner ear. From there, whatever remains of the eardrum is cut away, the inner ear is filled with gelatin packing, a new eardrum is grafted on, the outer ear is filled with cotton packing, and finally the ear is stitched back on. The next morning, I woke up feeling weak and exhausted. It was 6:00 am on July 11, 2016; I was due at the hospital in less than an hour.
On the drive there, my mom and I listened to some of my favorite songs, we knew that after the surgery, my left ear would go from partially deaf to completely deaf for up to three months. Once we arrived at St. Vincent’s Hospital, my nerves were eased a little. I have found that most people hate being in hospitals for any reason, good or bad. I find them comforting because I visit them so much, probably because my mom has worked at St. Vincent’s for longer than I have been alive. It is always just chilly enough to give you goose bumps, it is never crowded and no matter where you go it smells clean, like rubbing alcohol.
After I checked in at the front desk, a nurse with a blonde ponytail wearing tacky floral scrubs escorted me back to one of the hospital rooms. She sat and fired off all the same questions that I answer every time I have ever…

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