My Experience At Saddleback Memorial Hospital Essay

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The semester is nearing its end and I feel that I have grown personally and professionally during our clinical rotation at Saddleback Memorial Hospital. It has helped me recognize my strengths and areas for improvement, as well as given me a valuable outlook of what I want to do after graduation. Looking back at the previous weeks during this clinical rotation has brought some invaluable insights on nursing practice, safety, and advocacy.
Preconceptions of Critical Care
Critical care for me in the beginning of the semester involved a higher level of care since the acuity of patients demanded that the ICU nurse be alert, knowledgeable, possess a keen understanding of pathophysiology, have strong organizational skills, and be a good communicator. I realized during my rotation that ICU nurses also have a high level of autonomy and critical thinking in their practice. They have to be able to analyze what is going on with their patients and anticipate orders and interventions during the shift. They also have to be strong patient advocates because many of their patients are sedated or unconscious and are not able to decide for themselves. Therefore, an important part of being an ICU nurse is being able to think and act in the best interest of the patient and coordinating with other members of the interdisciplinary team in order to achieve that goal.
Fears in Critical Care
One of the most feared errors in critical care is giving the wrong medication which leads to an adverse…

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