My Experience At Quorn Area School Essay

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Record 1: What are you expecting to see and learn on your placement?
During my time at Quorn Area School, I am expecting to see the many differences between country and city culture, as well as the differences in teaching and learning styles. I hope that I am able to see how different the staff and students are in comparison to my first observational placement. Furthermore, I am eager to see whether or not subjects are a little different. Considering the school is placed in the country, I am hoping to see some agricultural based subjects and if such subjects are taught, it would be interesting to see how. In regards to what I expect to learn during my time at Quorn Area School, I hope a lot. I am looking forward to learning new pedagogical practices, other than what I 've observed in a primary school context. Furthermore, I am eager to learn how teachers have structured their lesson plans in accordance to the Australian Curriculum, and also, how students (depending on their individual learning styles) react to each lesson. Lastly, I am eager to see how teachers incorporate or implement different strategies into their teaching practices that cater to all learning styles. Also, I am keen to learn some classroom behaviour management skills.

Record 2: What does the classroom and workplace look like in comparison to you first observation placement?
Surprisingly, I have found both of the schools I have been placed at ( i.e. Elizabeth East Primary School and Quorn Area School) to…

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