Essay about My Experience At Pacific Lutheran University

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This Fall Semester of 2016 has served as the first page to my experience at Pacific Lutheran University. Coming into the school year, I felt I had a lot going for me. I graduated with my Associates Degree at Pierce College and was fortunate enough to have a supportive family, and quality friends. I was very involved with music and felt I had purpose in school because I knew what I wanted to study. I felt like when I was exploring my path I lucked out and stumbled upon Psychology and Sociology. However, a lot of this initial resolution turned out to be rather short lived. A lot of the routine I got accustomed to will come to an end. I’m headed to a new school. The majority of my friends are headed off far to different colleges or other life plans. My young academic career is gradually headed into unfamiliar territory and this is exciting yet scary at the same time.
I had high expectations and had a tendency to be on high alert. There was a lot to look forward to, and with that a lot I could potentially overwhelm myself with. My tentative schedule featured my typical set of Social Science classes alongside my few set activities including choir and volunteering at the Diversity Center on campus (choir was something I wasn’t too entirely fond of.) However, I wanted to know what other activities are further going to supplement my college experience. I also wanted to know who my friends were going to be. Who was I going to conquer PLU with?
I currently find myself in the…

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