My Experience At Nicolet High School Essay

1078 Words Apr 5th, 2016 5 Pages
During my two years at Nicolet High School, I’ve gone beyond my studies and involved myself in opportunities that became available both inside and outside of school. As a passionate leader, I’m involved in numerous clubs and service opportunities, while continually excelling in my classes with a near 4.0 GPA. From clubs like theater and swim team to service opportunities like volunteering at The Gathering and assisting disabled neighbors, I try my best in keeping a balance between helping my community, my school, and maintaining good grades. Leadership is a crucial quality to attain and practice as it helps you through basic jobs and services throughout life. I am lucky enough to have a great high school that offers such a wide variety of enticing sports and clubs. Through these in-school activities like theater, swim team, and Spanish club as well as activities outside of school, I am able to gain and exercise necessary skills like leadership every day. Primarily, theater is a club that takes up the majority of my time. With around 200 hours per year put into set construction, rehearsals, tech week, and performances, it is a very rewarding club, yet extremely time-consuming. Since freshman year, I have been involved in several performances, taking the initiative this year to teach new freshman members as we design and build sets. Early this year in the production of To Kill A Mockingbird, I was personally chosen by our professional painter hired to help design…

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