My Experience At My Senior Year Essay examples

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Growing up I didn’t really enjoy school, looking back on it now I think it was because I didn’t try hard enough. I was very scared to ask questions and very introverted as well. My shyness prohibited me from being successful in school particularly in middle school. In middle school it, was worse because I struggled a lot in math and again had introverted qualities. In, high school I realized I really liked history and reading it was very interesting to me. Additionally, I tried to do my best and to try new things. In college I will study, work hard, set goals, try new things and have fun. In high school I loosened up and tried to take on more challenges. I began asking more questions and participating a bit more. I was a decent student: doing all of my assignments but not necessarily going out of my way to do my absolute best. However, to challenge myself during my senior year, I took a People Helping course – basically a course where we assisted at the elementary school and taught things like suicide prevention to the freshmen class. It was a really amazing experience that brought be out of my shell. Furthermore, high school was just a better experience then elementary or middle school. I am very grateful for my education and the opportunities I’ve been given. I truly believe high school was essential and beneficial to getting me to be where I am today.
Today I am trying my best to succeed. I knew I was always leaning towards a private college but I wasn’t decided on…

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