My Experience At My Friend Essay

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As I walked to my friend, Kelcies ', restaurant I look inside and saw that only a few people were dining in. I walked to the entrance and pulled the handle but to my disappointment it was locked.
I notice Kelcie at her station. I do my best by waving my arms to try and get her attention as well tapping on the window, unfortunately I fail to do so, as I watch her disappear to the back of the restaurant. With a sigh I sit on the curb hoping it won 't take to long for her to finish cleaning. It had to be a good five minutes before I stood up to stretch my legs. Once I stand up, I get this irie feeling like someone is watching me, with that on my mind I turn my head to the left acknowledge a man and his friend walking towards me.
"Hey, I 'm Reggie" his friend didn’t say a word just stood and stared,
"Hi, I 'm April" in a hushed tone, I tend to be very quiet when it comes to meeting new people especially random men at 11:30 at night.
"How you doing beautiful?"
"I 'm doing fine and you?"
"A lot better now since I 'm talking to you."
I let out an airy giggle, "Thanks I guess"
"What are you doing out here so late?"
"I just got off work, and my friend offered me a ride home so im just waiting for her to get off."
"Oh okay, so what 's your sign?" He must have sensed that I wasn’t understanding his question so he rephrased it. "Like what 's your Zodiac sign?"
"Oh! I don’t believe in that stuff so I don’t really know." He looked a little…

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