My Experience At My Friend Essay

1009 Words Apr 20th, 2016 5 Pages
I will never understand why kids like to pick on each other and make others feel small; maybe its because they are jealous, maybe they also get picked on, or maybe they are just plain bored and have nothing better to do. It was about five months before I graduated when it got really bad. I guess it first started when I was at my locker and they came around the corner and bumped me into me. Turned around and laughed at me while they walked away. My first thought was that maybe they were playing a game or something and I just let it brush off me since they were my “friends.” But after a while it started happening more frequently, being pushed into door frames, lockers, and even walls. Once, my friend and I were in the lunch room when they sat at the table in front of us. Everything was going well and out of the blue they started throwing food at me. They all started to laugh. I just walked downstairs to meet my friend who was in the office doing office duty. She asked why I came down, and I just responded with “I was bored”. She bought my fake excuse and I just forced a smile on my face and pretended everything was okay. During this time I ended up spraining my toe and I was on crutches. I needed to pass the hall in which they were blocking. I asked them politely to move three or fourth time they just acted as if I was invisible. I tried to pass through and one of the girls actually tripped me and one of my crutches fell to the floor. I had to hop and go grab it. It…

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