My Experience At My First Semester Essay

756 Words Oct 31st, 2015 4 Pages
When I started the first semester here in IMU, I was very determined and I thought I was well prepared for the new chapter of my life. As the classes started, I began to feel the stress. But II did like the lectures because I find them interesting because they are new knowledge, as I had no prior experience in the field. To cope with this, I’ve turned stress into a form of motivation to study. Not everything has gone according to my expectations but I am happy for what I’ve achieved so far. There was one thing that I felt challenging, which is PBL session. I was pretty shy and nervous to voice out my opinions at the beginning, as I felt unconfident to talk in front of a group of people. When I talked to my peers after the session, I found out that one of the group members was in my situation too but he still tried to overcome and tried to voice out. I was motivated to speak out. In the end, I felt comfortable talking during PBL and for once I did become the leader. I now realize that I must be more confident. Furthermore, as everyone had his or her own views, that triggered us to think more critically. I also developed my skills in communication and boosted my self-confidence. I was delighted by the fact that there were some interactive learning activities for us dental students. Seniors told me about the face painting session and I was very looking forward to it. However for the first session, I did not enjoy the session, this might be due to my lack of preparation…

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