Essay on My Experience At My Childhood

753 Words Apr 12th, 2016 4 Pages
During my childhood I have been running, and playing sports everyday. I have developed a sense of understanding for the body during my childhood. I always like outdoor events or things that involve physically skill of some sort. I was one of them kids that liked to actually run for fun during my childhood. I say this love for sports and physical activity lead me to follow a path close to sports. I remember during my elementary school that I was always wanting to improving my mile time and my physical abilities. We ran four laps in a small soccer field and I always ask people to be my competition so I can improve my mile time. It was a fun way of helping them reach their times as well as mine. I think the fastest time I had in elementary school was like a seven minute mile. It was the best feeling I had at that time. I feel like that was my driving force back then, where I gained the never giving up attitude. I this time I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I just kept running. In middle school I started out putting my education up front because I treaded it like a marathon. Just like training for a marathon gaining a education takes time and practice, so I took that never giving attitude and applied it to my studies. while in six grade I still ran everyday and did my best time wise I could. In seventh grade I started doing cross country and soccer at the same season. It was the best feeling every running two miles in the woods then going out on the field and playing…

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