My Experience At Montego Bay, Jamaica Essay

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Indicate your significant travel experiences and include the circumstances.
I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with very few sets of family members that lived close enough to visit. However, I was aware that my family was sizable and I had the opportunity to see a handful of them when we would visit Montego Bay, Jamaica for family reunions. Hundreds of us would gather from all over the world to enjoy each other’s company. My family attended these reunions every two years until I was in fourth grade. As my mom transitioned to a new job, it was clear we did not have the funds to attend again. I appreciate those family reunions now more than ever, as I know they gave me a respect for community and relationships. It is interesting how my family could spend two years away from each other, but one event could bring them together and they were able to pick back up right where they left off.

My absence from the reunions caused me to give a greater priority to my relationship with my cousins who lived nearby, and I cherished our relationship because it seemed more permanent. I was recently reminded how temporary it could be as my cousin was diagnosed with cancer during my sophomore year of college, but thankfully he is in remission and we hope that he will remain in good health. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to provide medical care to Buff Bay, Jamaica during my collegiate years, and I could not be more grateful. The CAMEO team is led by Dr. Keen,…

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