My Experience At Managing A Team Essay

1025 Words Apr 28th, 2016 5 Pages
After completing the campaign for the semester, I have learned that I am better at managing a team than I give myself credit for. At the beginning of the semester, I didn’t have much experience managing other people and was worried about how I would be able to handle it. All in all, I was able to keep the team on track, for the most part, throughout the whole campaign process. I was very happy with how much I was able to get out of people and how hard everyone worked on the campaign. If there is one thing that I could improve on, it would be to be tougher on people who are not doing there share. This campaign has also reinforced a lot of characteristics that I thought I had. I was good at approaching people to recruit them, speaking in front of the class, managing a budget, and being a professional. Waiting tables made it easy to approach people and previous public relations classes have made me more comfortable about speaking in front people. I have realized managing a budget can be somewhat difficult, especially when people start spending money they don’t need to. Being professional was something that is usually easy to do, but when there are personal things going on or things that are out of your control, it is sometimes hard to keep your cool. Overall, I learned how to listen and react, how to manage, and how to stay professional at all times throughout the campaign. In the future, I would make sure that I have a clear idea of what I want to say before I say it. At the…

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