Essay about My Experience At Los Alamos National Labs

1285 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
When I was about 3 years old, I can remember my Grandparents lake house in Houston, Texas. My parents and I lived there until my grandparents moved into the country 2 hours outside Houston. Before moving, I can remember my mother taking me out to the lake to feed the ducks and always telling me I can’t swim in the lake because it’s too dirty. I remember going into the kitchen to get juice and spilled it everywhere and was found cleaning my mess while cursing because I thought saying “Shit” and “God Damnit” would magically clean the mess. I would grab a stick of butter and sit 3 inches from the television while watching the Teletubbies. I remember when we had our holiday family reunion at that lake house. Everyone from my mom’s side of the family was there celebrating the house since it would be the last one we would have there because my grandparents would be moving out to the country, and the fact that my mom got a job at Los Alamos National Labs In New Mexico. My mom, dad, brother, and I would be the only ones to live outside Texas away from the rest of her family. I don’t remember much about moving to New Mexico, but I do remember our first visit back which was the first time we got to see the complete farm. The drive out to Shiro, Texas from Santa Fe, New Mexico is an all day drive which roughly comes out to a 12 hour car ride. Shiro is a small, roadside town with a trailer park community with a few colonial houses near the back of the town. There’s one gas…

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