My Experience At Loganville Elementary And Five Star Academy Essay

1661 Words May 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Becoming a teacher has always been my desire and goal. The opportunity to work beside experienced educators has helped prepare me for the future. I was able to observe the teachers whom I did my field experience with, and I learned a lot of excellent ideas of how to deal with children. I learned some valuable motivational techniques to use with my future students. Also, I witnessed the joy and satisfaction that comes from being an educator. For example, when you help a child overcome obstacles in learning and encouraged them not to give up. I learned that I will need to be aware of the challenges students face outside of class and how it will affect their behavior. Therefore, I will have to use a variety of classroom management techniques to address the different learning strategies. I was able to learn these valuable lessons thanks to Loganville Elementary and Five Star Academy. The program I volunteered at Loganville elementary was called the LEAP program. LEAP stands for learning, enrichment, and academic program. This federal government funded program was started in the 2000’s to improve the academic achievements of students who may not receive assistance at home. The LEAP Program is able to achieve these goals by giving students the opportunity to receive the personal attention they need to grasp new material. The LEAP program is a federally funded program that offers students different types of after school activities such as: tutoring in all subjects, art class,…

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