My Experience At Kensington Day Care Essay

1140 Words Dec 4th, 2014 5 Pages
Throughout this semester I have had the privilege to observe and work with the students at Kensington day care. This experience has allowed me to plan my own lessons and interact with the children on a weekly basis where they would take the material taught to and expand these ideas. The children were taught a new item or learned about a new experience for each mini lesson that I taught.
The basic lesson planned for the children that occurred every morning would subsume explaining the weather, days of the week, months of the year and the alphabet. Each child was chosen weekly to be the helper in this exercise. This lesson was planned to give the child a more open and comfortable environment to communicate with the teachers and the rest of the class. The helper would begin by saying the pledge of allegiance. After leading with the pledge the student was asked to take a look outside the window and describe what the weather was like. The child would need to give a detailed description besides sunny and cloudy. If the child had a hard time describing the weather, the class was asked to help the student, the helper would then place a special weather card in the slot that corresponds with the weather outside. After the weather had been identified, the helper would be asked to stand in the front of the class and lead the ‘months song’. This song was sung to the macarena dance and had the same hand and body movements. The children enjoyed dancing and moving to this song. After the…

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