My Experience At Illinois State University Essay

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During this week forty six years ago in 1968, my grandfather was in the same position I am currently in today. He was in his beginning weeks of college at Illinois State University. Everything was new to him; new people, a new school, and a new place where he would live for the next four years. He lived in a dormitory, however the building he was originally supposed to stay in was under construction when it came to the start of the school year. He was temporarily put in a double room that housed three students that he knew nothing about which had him feeling very apprehensive. Provided in the dorm room was a corner desk, a single bed that converted into a couch, a small dresser, and a closet with sliding doors and shelving inside. All he had to bring with him were personal items and a small refrigerator. His dormitory was connected to three other buildings and they shared a common dining hall, set up in a cafeteria style. Each student was provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day by showing their student ID. Although dorm rules seem to be stricter now than they were then, smoking was very common and was allowed in the dorms and anywhere on campus. Also, freshman were not allowed to have vehicles, not even by purchasing a parking pass. My grandfather was a Business Administration major which relates to his current career as an electrician. He was enrolled in many general education classes his freshman year, including english, algebra, history of art, and drafting as…

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