My Experience At IIt Kharagpur Essay examples

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I have always enjoyed observing things operate without human intervention, be it an automated sliding door or a self-replicating spacecraft. This makes technologies pertaining to automation fascinating to me. I never thought that this childhood fascination of mine would later develop into an exciting area of research for me. I believe that a graduate position in the University of California, Berkeley would help me develop a strong technical background and realize my vision of empowering human existence by building a smarter environment. With this aim in mind, I intend to pursue graduate studies, in spite of bagging one of the best jobs offered to an Indian engineering student. My interest towards autonomous systems entailed knowledge of sensor networks, circuit design and embedded systems which are closest to the curriculum of Instrumentation Engineering thereby making it the most obvious choice for me. During my three years of stay at IIT Kharagpur, I have consciously pursued my interests and have approached my coursework with immense enthusiasm, currently placing me as the topper of my class with a CGPA of 8.92/10. I have recently been awarded the J C Ghosh Memorial Award for being the best academic performer of my class. Being in love with my subjects, I have enjoyed the courses to the maximum. Also, the world-class laboratory facilities at IIT Kharagpur extensively enhanced my technical knowledge and concomitantly elevated my patience and perseverance levels. I have…

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