My Experience At Humboldt State Essay

833 Words Dec 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Looking back on all of the research papers I turned in for my History classes, I can see large amounts of improvements with each passing semester. I would argue that my History 210 was the worst one I have written here at Humboldt State. On the other hand, the paper I wrote for the Ages of Knights and Monks (History 322) was bay far the best paper I have written. I have included in my portfolio the three major research papers I have completed as of the Spring 2016 semester, as well as all of the major works for History 420. With each paper, there is improvement in four out of the five learning outcomes dictated by the History Department; critical thinking, research, writing, and historiography and historical methodology. I do not feel as though I can make a judgement on my oral presentation skills, as I have only been asked to present in History 210 and 420. I feel that I have improved in my critical thinking abilities in my time at Humboldt State. In my History 210 paper, I only use sources that argue the same side to prove my thesis. I did not seek out, nor use sources that questioned the validity of my thesis. In my History 393 paper, I rely more on primary sources, but again do not actively seek out opposing viewpoints. However, in my History 322 paper, and my research for my 420 lesson plan, I actively seek out opposing viewpoints, and use a plethora of sources, both primary and secondary, to corroborate the narrative I propose. I do believe that my later work…

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