My Experience At High School Essay

864 Words Oct 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Being almost 18 years old I’ve learned so much about myself I did not know. The last four years have been the rockiest rollercoaster ever. I have always heard, you find yourself in high school: that really is not a lie. I have discovered characteristics about myself I never knew I had. After almost four years I have found that my friend circle has became smaller and smaller. High school not only makes you find yourself, but matures you for the real world. My freshman year of high school, I was one of the shyest, most innocent kids there could be. I was so afraid of the upperclassmen and the “mean teachers”, but who wasn’t? I did not have siblings or anyone that had just graduated like some of my friends. I thought they had it way easier than the people who didn’t because their siblings friends knew them and already knew how they were. My freshman year I played was volleyball and basketball. Playing sports was my favorite things to do. It was also a good stress reliever for me when I stepped out on the court. I started playing volleyball in 8th grade, so I was not as good as everyone else. That year I made the JV team and which was a confidence booster. For basketball, I was on the freshman and JV teams. Basketball use to be my favorite sport, my parents traveled everywhere to watch me play. After freshman year basketball, I slowly started to notice my love for basketball was fading.
My sophomore year was by far the most difficult year for me. I did not have any easy classes…

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