Essay My Experience At High School

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When I woke up, the other side of the bed was cold. My fingers stretch out, seeking Lucy’s warmth, but finding only the absence of her was a typical day for me. Wake up, eat breakfast, feed Lucy and walk to school with two heavy books on my hands. I was considered the ‘nerdy and shy’ girl at school. I realized senior year in high school only meant learning to me while I was focused on graduating my peers thought about it as ‘the time of their lives’ where they had the chance to party and skip school only to enroll in a community college for a couple of months then drop out. School for me has always been about expanding my knowledge and getting involved with my community. Unfortunately, that only meant the Caucasian community since after the war everyone was isolated depending on their races or skin color. I 've always wanted to explore the other race’s cultures, but it is now illegal to place foot on another community. I guess I should start by describing what happened after the election of 2016. Chaos is the perfect word to describe the events that followed Trump’s victory. There were rebellions every day and people were being forced back into their “homeland” as Trump called it. My father and many other army soldiers were not getting paid and in a couple of years the economy crashed. It was like the civil war and the trail of tears all over again. No one likes to think about that time now, but it is part of our history here in Tonk. After the war, the remaining…

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