My Experience At High School Essay

1194 Words Nov 18th, 2015 5 Pages
Perhaps the single most valuable lesson I have learned in my years from high school until now is the merit of surrounding myself with people whom I share common principles. This lesson has dominated the choices I’ve made, mainly in regards to the schools I have attended and the different groups I have decided to partake in. Growing up, I would always hear the saying ‘show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.’ But how precise is that statement? The ambiguity in my sentiments towards this saying has resulted in me shedding little to no light on the topic. I grew up with a stepmom who wanted the world to think she was austere to the point where she gave me the impression that I was merely a mirror, living her life. She made all decisions for me regarding what I could and could not wear, where I could go and the types of people I could hang out with. There were many things I was not allowed to do. I was not allowed to go out with my neighbour’s kids or go to parties at all. As a child, however, I would obey, of course in the presence of my stepmom. My dad, who was more liberal, allowed me to do anything, really anything, I wanted. So whenever my stepmom was not home, I could go hang out with the kids next door and stay out late. When my stepmother found out about this, she was incensed. I would get let off easy, with a warning and, of course I had to pledge not to do it again. I grew to hate being around my stepmom, who will undoubtedly serve, on a silver platter, a…

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