Essay on My Experience At High School

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The image of my mom walking away after the farewell ceremony is forever engraved into my mind. Her face red from crying—as was mine— as she was one of the last parents to leave as we both attempted to prolong her departure. I knew I would see her the following weekend, but I had never been away from my mom for more than three nights and I was about to spend a whole week, six nights, apart from her. This is how my college experience began. College has proven to be life changing compared to high school as I am no longer in the comfort of my home and in the presence of my mom; I have also had to adjust to changes in the time I spend in class and studying, and had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with resident assistants whom I can confide in while living on the first floor of Shupe. The greatest challenge I have faced while moving to Bethel was adjusting to life away from my mother and my actual home. I understand most college students consider their dorm their new home; however, I still consider my dwelling in Goshen my “true” home. I am exceptionally close with my mom, that I call her my best friend: We have been through so many trials together, that not seeing her each and every day has been burdensome. Beside the fact I am less than thirty minutes away from my mother, I still struggle each night as I prepare to go to bed and am not able to hug her and say good night in person. I have become acquainted to hearing the beeping of an alarm clock sound at four every…

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