My Experience At High School Essay

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My time before college, in high school and below, was awesome. I felt as though I was successful and I thrived for the enhancement of my knowledge, as I still do today. In high school there were so many activities that I enjoyed doing and from there I made different connection outside of school. When I was in 10th grade I created a community service project called “Operation Make a Move” in order to get kids from this generation more active and excited about it. I would go to summer camps and teach the kids dance routines; it wasn’t limited to only girls, boys also joined in on the fun. From that experience I was able to make connections with different organizations and people who I would have never heard of if I didn’t give this a chance.
The entire time I was in school I was either on the advanced or gifted track; with that I was able to receive more resources and challenge myself academically. If I was never in those classes I would have never strived to receive good grades and become successful. I received the tools I personally needed to excel in my school work and learning interest. My senior year I was in AP Calculus BC and my teacher was the person who helped me figure out what I wanted my career to be and where I wanted to go to school. If I never took the Advance placement classes and challenge myself I would not have been at UCF and I would not be in this class today. She inspired me by her passion and wish for her students to thrive, and from meeting her I strove…

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