My Experience At High School Essay

1093 Words Nov 25th, 2016 5 Pages
Upon graduating high school, I enrolled in San Jacinto College to pursue a career in the field of computer science. This quest was short lived as I learned that a higher education required much more tenacity, patience, and self-discipline than high school. The absence of these characteristics in my personality generated failing grades. I decided to quit school and work full time. Thirty years later, I found myself with a long history of what I call “go nowhere jobs”. Once I learned all aspects of a position, I would be moved or would ask to be moved to other positions or departments. Employers would grant a lateral move but they never offered more authoritative positions, such as office manager or department head. Thus, I began to feel overwhelmed with an inner discontent. I needed to change directions and fulfill the desire to have a purpose in life. Working as a teacher aid in a preschool class at a private Catholic school transformed my perspective. It caused me to realize how much I enjoy teaching children. This wonderful experience prompted me to reflect on my lack of education. Mentors and family members convinced me to pursue a preschool teaching career. Requirements for experience and education of an early childhood teacher are contingent to the rules and regulations of each state and independent institutions. Advancement in this type of career depends on the ambitions of the individual teacher and educational degrees, such as certification, bachelor, masters,…

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