My Experience At High School Essay

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1. Did you attend high school? Did you want to? What kinds of subjects did you study? What kind of homework did you get? Did most of the kids in your neighborhood go to high school?
No I did not attend high school. I wanted to study very much but at that time girls were not allowed to go to school after their menstrual. So I could not attend after class 8. There were different subjects like mathematics, different English language books like grammar, vocabulary, Sanskrit language, home science and so on. Our teacher used to give homework from text book. I remember in home science we need to do handicrafts, knitting, cooking. I used to enjoy doing that. Most of my friends did not go to school. Boys were given priority for education.
2. How many hours per week did you work (not including school-related work)? How much did you contribute to the family income? Did you want to go to work?
I only did household work. I did not join labor force. I wanted to work but who would give me jobs. I did not have required qualification.
3. What were your clothes like? Were you concerned about fashion?
Before marriages I used to wear kurta suruwal, frocks (skirts). After marriage I started wearing saris. We used to get a pair of dress in Dashain and we enjoyed a lot. Nowadays you do not have place to keep your dresses and still you complain I do not have anything to wear.
4. Did you date in high school? At what age were you allowed to date? What did you typically do on a date?
There was…

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