My Experience At Head Starting Preforming Service Learning Essay

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My experience at Head Start preforming service-learning has allowed me to experience, firsthand, how and what the material I have read about in Berk (2013) and other sources looks like. In addition, my involvement with Head Start has allowed me to learn how to actually preform psychological tests—like Piaget’s conservation test—on preschool aged children. In other words, I have been able to apply classroom knowledge to ‘real world’ situations and observe the outcome. Not only has my comprehension of the child developmental psychology material increased due to my experience at Head Start and experiment with a field of interest in psychology, but this occurrence has also introduced me to a pressing matter of child’s developmental health in lower class neighborhoods. Before visiting Head Start, though the Jaime Hulley Center is only located approximately ten minutes away from my school, Fairfield University, I honestly had no idea of the center’s existence or the great need for the system. Though some may mock or judge me for this level of ignorance or degree of sheltered-ness, I know many other people who too share my prior unawareness—my parents, friends, and roommate are some of many. So writing this, I am struck with the question: why have I never seen Head Start advertised on television or pamphlets, like the Red Cross, animal abuse associations, or other government supported agencies? After completing my semester working at Head Start, I feel that though I have…

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