My Experience At Five Years Essay

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Although I have only taught for five years, I have experienced many leadership opportunities inside and outside of my school district as well as witnessed other leaders inside and outside of our district. When I was offered my first teaching job, I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with the administration and fellow colleagues within the school district to help students grow and mature into adults. My first day at the school I felt the principle had a grudge against me. He was not in the interview process when I was hired, so I had never met him before. From day one I truly felt he was against me no matter what I did in my classroom. I was always second guessing myself on my instructional strategies. My students loved what we were doing in the classroom, and they were making great strides in their learning, but whenever I set down with the principle he would put me down for my instructional strategies. It really got the the point that I hated coming to school because I knew he didn’t have my back. Although I had a bad experience with the principal, my colleagues were an amazing group of individuals to work with. We supported each other everyday helping each other make a difference in the lives of our students. After two years of teaching in an atmosphere that I didn’t feel valued I accepted another teaching position in a great school district. Now that I am working in a great school district, I have witnessed so many teacher leadership opportunities.…

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