My Experience At Colorado Christian University Essay

736 Words Jun 28th, 2016 3 Pages
Graduating with a degree had always been a goal of mine until about two years ago. At that point in my life obtaining a degree fell to the wayside. However, after a series of events, I’m back on track to receive one and I’m thrilled about it. Now that I’ve started my educational career at Colorado Christian University, I have three other goals for myself while studying. Those goals are to maintain straight A’s, find ways to apply what I’m learning into my life at the present time, and to share with others what I’m learning as I go along. I recognize that my goals may sound lighthearted and that’s exactly what I need right now. Daily life is heavy enough and I just want to succeed without putting too much extra burden on myself.
First to clarify about the first goal: I do not like to stress myself out about my grades. I am not a perfectionist and I do not get very particular about the points I receive on an assignment. However, the reason I would like to get straight A’s is because I want to give this learning experience my best shot. Getting a College education, especially as an adult, is a big investment. I want to take my investment in myself seriously and benefit from it. Getting A’s is about applying myself, not about perfection. So far I have obtained A’s in all of my courses through Colorado Christian University and I’m going to continue to strive for A’s but I will accept a “B” when and if it comes my way. I believe that I can achieve this goal because since becoming…

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